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Q: What kind of stand types do you offer?

A: Stay within your budget by utilizing precise computations and clear cost management. Our prices and standard proposals are readily available for you to peruse. All prices listed are exclusive of any taxes that may apply.

Q: What additional expenses are expected to occur?

A: Below you'll find a list of expenses in addition to participation fees.

Q: Who may make a claim for freight?

A freight claim can be made against a shipment by the shipper, consignee, billing party, or a third-party logistics business. However, the carrier may only honor one claim per shipment.

Q: Why does it matter to me where a logistics firm is from?

A logistics provider's background and experience will have a significant impact on the caliber of its solutions and the degree of familiarity its employees have with your industry. The majority of 3PLs have backgrounds in transactional transportation logistics. While they are adept at organizing air, ground, trans-oceanic, and multi-modal shipments, it's possible that their other logistical services were added later as complements to draw in clients at either end of the transportation chain. Fangrun Logistics Co, Ltd. in contrast, offers industrial contract logistics services. Because of our background in the industrial sector, we have a unique viewpoint and comprehension of how logistics can increase your efficiency and profitability throughout the supply chain.

Q: How fast will my shipments be Delivered?

A: Depending on how quickly you NEED it delivered, perhaps. Custom SOPs are created by Fangrun Logistics Co, Ltd. around some of the harshest service level agreements in the business. Fangrun Logistics Co, Ltd. will tailor a solution to meet your unique demands, whether there is a patient on a table and a medical item needs to be delivered within 90 minutes or marketing material needs to be sent the next day.

Q: What is the cost of shipping anything from China to Bangladesh?

A: First of all, it depends on your mode of transportation. Typically, traveling by air costs more than traveling by ocean, which could cost up to a month. To calculate the standard pricing, we also require that you give us certain details about your shipment.